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Event Details

Choose Your Own Oz

Premiered at Cassidy Park Theatre (Bogalusa, LA).



The Wizard of Oz meets Choose Your Own Adventure in this fresh and fast-paced retelling of the L. Frank Baum classic in which the audience plays playwright and gets the chance to change everything from Dorothy's footwear (silver slippers or ruby red...clown shoes?) to Toto's species (lion, tiger or octopus?—oh my!) to the Witch's flying footmen.


A delight for children of all ages, Choose Your Own Oz reminds us all that at the end of the day, there really is no place like home.


Directed by Lee Dukes    July 23-August 7, 2022

Venue Information

Playmakers Theater
19106 Playmakers Road
Covington, LA 70435

Organizer Information

Playmakers Theater of Covington

19106 Playmakers Rd
Covington, LA 70435

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